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Daddy's never coming home

Kak Obichna

March 31, 2014

On Sunday morning, one Romanian soldier was killed and five others were injured in Afghanistan. I suppose that’s a “normal” piece of news, as soldiers do die while on missions in hostile countries, including some 23 total Romanians (1990-present) but the more I thought about it, the stranger this became. First, Duane Butcher, the charge… Read More ›

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Further Questions

As I mentioned in my piece Why is Romania so poor? and other articles, there is a curious piece of the puzzle missing when understanding how historical forces led to modern Romania being such an impoverished, ill-governed country suffocating under onerous amounts of red tape and a surprising lack of economic performance. I’m close to… Read More ›


Why is Romania so poor?

Imagine a science fiction scenario, a book (or film) set in the far future. A lone spaceship is hurtling through the galaxy, the humans on board desperately looking for a habitable world on which to settle. Suddenly, on their long-range scanners they pick up what looks to be a suitable candidate. Further inspection of the… Read More ›