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When life gives you grapes and tarragon, make some lemonade

A Filing of Childish Happiness and Being Carefree

October 23, 2014

These days it’s a pretty fair assumption that just about anything that exists is covered (in some kind of way) on Wikipedia. I am here to tell you that this is simply not true. Since I’ve landed in Moldova, I’ve discovered something that should have not only its own Wikipedia page but its own fan… Read More ›

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I Wore the Crown, Not a Halo

At long last I am finally somewhere long enough to sit down and tell the tale that can only now be told. Currently I find myself in southern Germany but this is not my final destination and only the Creator knows where I will end up as my strange odyssey continues. Dat Afara It’s now… Read More ›

Daddy's never coming home

Kak Obichna

On Sunday morning, one Romanian soldier was killed and five others were injured in Afghanistan. I suppose that’s a “normal” piece of news, as soldiers do die while on missions in hostile countries, including some 23 total Romanians (1990-present) but the more I thought about it, the stranger this became. First, Duane Butcher, the charge… Read More ›