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God Save the Queen

August 29, 2015

Well, folks, what can I do? One of the reasons I am getting married is precisely so someone can keep me in check. After prevailing on my heart, I have to admit she is right. Therefore, let this be a formal notice that everyone is forgiven. Yep, even Liviu Alexa. I won’t ever forget the… Read More ›

Mr. Zig in happier days

Walking Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

Word Count: 2188 Well, a new year has begun, and I hope it has been a happy and fortuitous start for all of you out there. I apologize for my extended absence, as unfortunately a number of less than happy things have happened. First, someone I care about very much had a mental breakdown. That… Read More ›


I Wore the Crown, Not a Halo

At long last I am finally somewhere long enough to sit down and tell the tale that can only now be told. Currently I find myself in southern Germany but this is not my final destination and only the Creator knows where I will end up as my strange odyssey continues. Dat Afara It’s now… Read More ›