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The Black Hole of Romania

Twenty years ago, during the first, raw years of Bill Clinton’s presidency, the world was a vastly different place. The “Iron Curtain” had fallen and a dozen countries (including Romania) were now free to follow their own path. A German musical band was singing about the winds of change and millions of people were speaking… Read More ›

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Benefits Street

Right now the number one show in Britain is Channel 4′s “Benefits Street”, which allegedly focuses on people receiving “benefits” or government money. Episode 2 heavily featured immigrant Romanians (often pronounced Rumanians on the show), one a gypsy family from Romania and the second a group of 14 agricultural workers from Romania. Despite the fact… Read More ›

to all the real journalists out there, I salute you

“Neighboring” Ukraine

Last night all hell broke loose in “neighboring” Ukraine, where at least 100 thousand protestors braved a new law prohibiting public demonstrations and clashed with police near the parliament. Instead of writing a lengthy analysis of the news coverage (especially here in Romania), I decided to put in a few hours and assemble a video… Read More ›