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The lights are on but nobody's home


On Monday the European Union issued its first ever report on corruption, which caused a media sensation worldwide as it was the first time that people had hard numbers of just how bad the situation is. Every member state was included in the report, including Romania (PDF), a lengthy document that deserves in-depth analysis. However,… Read More ›

The Black Hole of Romania

Twenty years ago, during the first, raw years of Bill Clinton’s presidency, the world was a vastly different place. The “Iron Curtain” had fallen and a dozen countries (including Romania) were now free to follow their own path. A German musical band was singing about the winds of change and millions of people were speaking… Read More ›


Benefits Street

Right now the number one show in Britain is Channel 4’s “Benefits Street”, which allegedly focuses on people receiving “benefits” or government money. Episode 2 heavily featured immigrant Romanians (often pronounced Rumanians on the show), one a gypsy family from Romania and the second a group of 14 agricultural workers from Romania. Despite the fact… Read More ›