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Wallachia is where?  Fuck it, let's just say Transylvania

Survivorman Les Stroud in Romania

November 24, 2015

Word Count: 523 The other day, I was surprised when the Unsleeping Eye alerted me to the fact that a popular survivalist had filmed not one but two episodes in Romania. The show is called Survivorman, featuring the legendary Les Stroud, and Season 7 Episodes 2-3 were billed as Les doing some survival in “Transylvania”…. Read More ›


Bianna Golodryga

Word Count: 198 Well folks, I’ve been living here in Moldova for more than a year now, and even married myself a local woman, but I have heard almost nothing about famous Moldovans. Oh sure, there are some, particularly noted musicians and dancers that enjoy great success in the Soviet Era, as well as one… Read More ›


Romania is a vivacious young girl

If Romania were my field of study at a university, my second doctoral thesis would definitely be entitled The historical trend of the nation of Romania’s depiction in visual space as a virginal maiden (my first thesis is a little less conventional lol). Time and again, from all historical periods, there seems to be a… Read More ›