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December 15, 2011

For Engrish Speakers: Tuburi, jgheaburi si cabluri Verde, repede si rar O chinezoica Pentru Vorbitori: “Pile it, pilot!” said Pontius Pilate The writer rider crushed a spider I heard about the boot that fell out the boat About these ads

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Tongue Twister Thursday

For Engrish Speakers: rânduielile lor ce faci, lămâio? ronghioș și verde Pentru Vorbitori: Who ate the whole whale? The scion of fusion Her apnea was pneumatic

Tongue Twister Thursday

For Engrish Speakers: Unde sunt lalelele mele? Il iau eu Vrei sa-ti rasfati clienti? Pentru Vorbitori: I had an early aversion to the earlier version Welcome to the sixth annual Bass Face Chase! It’s a benign sign when our new paradigm is a gnome