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The real story of Vlad Dracula the Impaler

Working on something else at the moment but recorded this audio of me telling the true story of Vlad Dracula the Impaler If you can’t hear the file, the direct link can be found here (note: there are 10 seconds of silence at the beginning). Enjoy!


Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Now that The Cat Is Halfway Out of the Bag, I can tell you a story like this one: Not too long ago, on a shockingly cold afternoon, I was standing on a downtown sidewalk here in Unicorn City with the two homeless people that I adopted. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a police car… Read More ›

cow ass

Piki, Nebunul Oficial de Floresti

SCENE: Standing on a street corner in downtown Cluj-Napoca at around 8 o’clock at night. BUDDY #1: Oh my god, look over there. It’s Piki. BUDDY #2: Yeah, Piki the officially crazy guy of Floresti. Me: Why is he the officially crazy guy of Floresti? BUDDY #1: Because everyone in that village knows that his… Read More ›