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Utopia is no place at all

I’ve written about Misery Pimping many times and it’s definitely an issue that I struggle with. For years I’ve been good friends with a man who runs a charity here in Romania, an actual, genuine philanthropic foundation which works very hard to reduce the suffering of children and he and I have often discussed this… Read More ›


Si habla Ud. español, por favor marca el numero dos

If you speak Romanian, you absolutely need to watch this video because for the first time ever, I can explain Project Iceberg. Yes! If you don’t speak Romanian, or not well, you can skip right to minute 7:00 and see a slice of the amazing adventures I’ve been having lately. The good news is that… Read More ›


Food Not Bombs

As Project Iceberg continues to unfurl at a steady clip, I am continually finding myself in new and interesting places, meeting people that cheer my soul as I see them stand up and exercise their full rights as citizens in a democratic country instead of waiting around for politicians or the European Union to hand… Read More ›