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Go With The Flow

In an article I otherwise more or less agree with, the Unsleeping Eye picked up something interesting that’s worth discussing. Craig Turp, probably the only professional foreign resident writer in Romania whom I respect, added this throwaway line to his piece on the ICR scandal: Has civil society ever issued a statement demanding something be… Read More ›

Boxes of Gold

You will rarely ever find me endorsing anyone else’s commercial enterprises here on the blog but today is going to be an exception. And just so it’s clear and upfront, I am not receiving anything in exchange – I am doing this purely based on my own genuine opinion that it’s a good thing. As… Read More ›

Word of the Day: Dezvoltare

Whew, enough posts about me! Let’s talk about a word you’ve likely been hearing a lot in all of those clips and debates, and that is dezvoltare. The word is fairly easy for English speakers to master because it looks a lot like its translation – development. In most cases, it has a very identical… Read More ›