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Throw Transport down the well!

April 2, 2014

I’m always looking out for the perfect article to describe Romania and this is it, courtesy of Gandul. Back in January of this year, it snowed. Considering that we’re in the northern hemisphere and that January is in the middle of winter, snowfalls are quite ordinary. It snowed particularly hard in Romania’s southeast, especially in… Read More ›


Mr. Saxo Beat

Well I imagine you’ve heard by now that the singer Alexandra Stan was savagely beaten by her boyfriend a few days ago, landing her in the hospital. The English-language reports decline to show the graphic photos and videos of the injured Alexandra, which are quite disturbing. I happen to follow her on Twitter and saw… Read More ›


The Curious Case of Rosia Montana

It’s an interesting commentary on my work here on this website that for nearly three years I’ve written about everything Romanian from the smallest thing to the biggest thing and yet I’ve never once mentioned Rosia Montana and yet no one has ever asked me why. If you’re just getting to know Romania, the struggle… Read More ›