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Absolutely Fabulous!

Wow! I must confess I did something quite different this past weekend, and I not only had an absolutely fabulous time but it was also some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time. Again, no names, but a few weeks ago I met a few guys here in Cluj-Napoca who were the… Read More ›

Sunday Morning Philosophizin’

Dear readers who don’t like reading: be aware that this isn’t the post for you :) I want to thank the person who pointed me to this article (in Romanian) from Andrei Plesu. It’s a rather stupid piece, written in very dense and semi-academic, semi-religious language so I won’t translate it but it is an… Read More ›

Gay Baby Panic in Timisoara

In 2007 on a very hot summer afternoon I was in Timisoara with a friend of mine. We were walking in the beautiful pedestrian area near the National Opera when a young man in a black t-shirt handed me a sheet of paper. I took it, not knowing what it was, and then stopped short… Read More ›