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Un mare pas înainte

April 6, 2014

If you ask most Romanians what they think of Moldova, you’ll get the impression that they consider their smaller neighbor to be a beloved but backwards member of the family, the bucktoothed cousin who is awkward and unsophisticated but still loved and accepted because they’re kin. The other day I was speaking to someone about… Read More ›

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Throw Transport down the well!

I’m always looking out for the perfect article to describe Romania and this is it, courtesy of Gandul. Back in January of this year, it snowed. Considering that we’re in the northern hemisphere and that January is in the middle of winter, snowfalls are quite ordinary. It snowed particularly hard in Romania’s southeast, especially in… Read More ›

I'm a freedom fighter, motherfuckers!

Robert Mugabescu

Last night I had the misfortune of reading this poorly written and edited piece in Adevarul, an article that includes misspellings and is mostly just a rehash of a government report plus a couple of long quotes from two people in Cluj. The “meat” of the piece however is that a handful of political cronies… Read More ›