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Larry Watts explaining to a room full of Securitate agents how Romania frightened the Soviet Union

With “Historians” Like These…

February 26, 2014

Since I’m not busy cashing checks from Romanian or American intelligence agencies it sometimes takes me a while to catch up on what’s been going on and be able to properly respond to accusations made here on the blog. Luckily, this week I’ve been able to carve out some time to address this nonsense. The… Read More ›

It Burns

Now We’re the Victim

One thing I find rather wearisome is when some people in this country get a little bit too caught up in playing the Now We’re The Victim game. Exhibit 1: Realitatea, a 24-hour news channel with a campaign saying Now We’re The Target: Here’s the key passage in the article: Acum, în proiectul legii Insolvenţei… Read More ›



You know, I’ve been writing about tropes in Romania for a while in an effort to understand the mentality of the people in this country. Yesterday, a few unrelated events suddenly “clicked” something in my head and I had a blinding flash of insight. The first thing that happened was that I was watching the… Read More ›