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Jumping the Shark

April 17, 2014

I’m an old jaded observer of Romanian politics, having spent years lambasting this country’s buffoons as they were investigated for corruption and bribe-taking, demonstrated mindbogglingly bad levels of mismanagement, passed stupid and barbaric laws, engaged in superstitious and juvenile behavior, acted like they were hysterical stars in a telenovela drama, mangled the English language, let… Read More ›

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Angel Rebelde

After a week in which Ponta threatened to resign from politics after this year’s presidential elections, a statement which nobody believed, a statement which Crin Antonescu mocked, a statement which Elena Udrea decoded, a statement which Ponta himself hinted had secret layers of meaning, he then went on Antena 3 last night and said that… Read More ›


A Tangled Web

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to largely skip over an important issue to discuss an even more important issue. Today I set out to write a follow-up article about the Bunicuta de Aur, our new Finance Minister Ioana Petrescu, who gave a lengthy on camera interview with the media outlet Adevarul yesterday. During the interview,… Read More ›