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August 9, 2013

Excuse my “absence” lately as I’ve been extremely busy working on a project and haven’t had much time for writing although due to my (apparent) inborn ability to focus on multiple things at the same time, I have been watching a lot. In fact, thanks to a high-speed internet connection and a powerful computer (plus… Read More ›


3 Little Birds

Still busy as a beaver these days but here’s three little stories all in one post for your enjoyment! The guy who absolutely insisted on a full Securitate dossier on me but never got one managed to make his money just fine, this time by selling a photograph of me to CanCan, Romania’s #2 gossip… Read More ›

crash of the shenandoah

The Crash of the Shenandoah

Well I fully admit I’m a a loquacious bastard (just imagine the academic papers I used to write for money!) However, if you like reading about Romania in English in a much shorter and more enjoyable fashion, I cannot recommend enough reading my buddy’s blog “Expat in Romania”, especially his recent post A Country’s Search… Read More ›