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Gypsies aren’t normal

Last night was a wonderfully democratic exercise when the pan-European channel “Euro News” hosted a discussion with EU Commission Vice President Viviane Reding in which she answered questions from ordinary people. Please don’t misunderstand me, Ms. Reding did an excellent job last night, especially considering that English is not her first language, and she showed… Read More ›

Future cubicle slaves?

The White Billionaire’s Burden

About 100 years ago, a famous British man wrote a poem about poor and uneducated little brown people (of the Phillipine Islands) and how it was the white man’s “burden” to help them. I was reminded of that sentiment once again this morning after reading an open letter from billionaire George Soros in the Guardian… Read More ›

Give a beggar 5 lei and I'll hook you up with a blessing!

If Dumnezeu was a real guy

Without it being some kind of political statement, I simply do not own a car. I also do not ride a bicycle. Therefore I spend a lot of time simply walking around the city. However what is applicable here in Unicorn City is equally valid for just about any other city in this country in… Read More ›