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Gypsy reality apparently includes amanita muscaria mushrooms

Gypsies 2, Journalists 0

April 10, 2014

I wasn’t even going to write about this until I nearly fell out of my chair laughing as I saw that it’s now an international story. If you prefer video, click here for the Euronews report (in English) or click here for the TVR report (in Romanian). If you prefer print, here’s Mediafax, here’s Adevarul,… Read More ›


Barátok és ellenségek

If Laszlo Tokes had had the decency to die back in 1989, now he’d be a martyr to the revolution, a hero to all of Romania. Unfortunately, he’s still alive and continues to be the burr under this country’s saddle, just like he was back in 1989 when his stubborn refusal to leave Timisoara helped… Read More ›


12 of Romania’s Strangest Rulers

Did you know that Romania was once ruled by a homosexual, an Albanian, an Italian spy, a Jew, a one-eyed man and a Greek queen? Well it’s all true. I think that just about everyone with a passing knowledge of Romania’s rulers knows all the famous ones, from Vlad “Dracula” Tepes to Stefan cel Mare… Read More ›