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Like a G6

Muchisimas gracias to Digi24 who courteously invited me be on their two-hour show that focused (almost) entirely on Unicorn City. You can watch all two hours here but I cut out all of my segments and put them on YouTube: Since I promised to be more forthcoming about my personal life, I’ll post an addendum… Read More ›

What's easier than writing a book yourself?  Getting other people to write it for you!

The Road Not Taken

I was flipping around the news channels this morning when I saw a brief book review (basically a thinly veiled advertisement) for a book called Mai romani decit romanii? and it made me smile. If you speak Romanian, you can read about it here or if English is your preferred language, click here. If you’re… Read More ›


The Transylvania Book Fair

After all the research lately into taxes, politics and business, I thought it was time for an unequivocally positive story from around these parts. Last weekend here in Unicorn City was the first Transylvania Book Fair (link to Romanian news article about it here). There are a couple of other book fairs which come to… Read More ›