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Wedding Video

A million thanks to our friend Sam Son (cool name, eh?) for shooting and editing this video of the morning of our wedding. Honestly, I can’t even watch it again because it brings tears to my eyes. Enjoy!


It Finally Happened :D:D:D

Wow! It’s been a long, wild ride, but here I am, officially a married man in a country that once was trying to kill me, and now I live here and life is beautiful. Who can ever predict how crazy your life will turn out? Not me, that’s for sure :D One billion trillion thanks… Read More ›


Home Run Writing

As you know, ahead of my wedding, every debt must be erased. I originally wrote this thinking I could send it to Stephen King (the famous author) personally, or at least reach one of his representatives. I discovered that this isn’t possible, as he’s guarded by 100-foot high iron walls LOL but that’s okay. I… Read More ›