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Bunicuta de Aur

Oh lord, if there’s one thing that makes me laugh, it’s my own foolishness. Just a few days ago I was writing about confirmation bias and last night I realized that I too had fallen into this trap. Since January 1, as you know, I’ve been undergoing intensive language training in Russian. With all the… Read More ›

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Today’s is International Women’s Day, increasingly important in the United States but a long-time holiday of major standing here in Romania. And so you’d think that I’d be quite happy about the fact that the new Ponta 3 cabinet has a number of female members, including Ioana Maria Petrescu, the new Minister of Public Finance…. Read More ›


Game, Set and Match

I’ve had a number of people here in Romania as well as from the Republic of Moldova ask me if the ongoing conflict in Ukraine is going to spread and possibly affect them, especially as some of the local media has been drumming up the threat of an armed conflict. I’ll tell you right now… Read More ›