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Oh my word, I have been getting a lot of feedback over the past few days from people (including over 200 comments on Facebook) on a variety of topics. You know my privacy policy, which means I won’t use any names. I also won’t be using any quotations directly because it’s a little easier to… Read More ›

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Worth It

A question from a reader: I was wondering, after staying this long in RO, does it still seems that great? I feel like leaving this country… Well hell, if you read yesterday’s post, you know sometimes I get the urge to pack my bags and go as well. But hey, I’ve said that about a… Read More ›

I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

I sure do get a lot of messages, tweets, emails and other written correspondence of all kinds. In fact, if you’ve written me lately and I haven’t responded, hang in there as I’m steadily making my way through the “pile”. Nonetheless, I got a message here recently asking me what it takes to become a… Read More ›