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Him se yldesta andswarode, “Werodes Wisa, Wordhord Onleac”

July 28, 2015

WORD COUNT: 5405 Ah yes, my deepest apologies, folks, as I know I have for true been gone a great many days and forsaken some of my deepest and most loyal readers and supporters. The short truth is that I’ve just now survived a year of real challenges since I got the old boot from… Read More ›

The bilingual postman only rings twice


WORD COUNT: 2162 Well kids, the ol’ virtual mailbag is getting full of unanswered messages, so let’s dump out the sack and see what we got inside. Yay! Hey Sam, why do all your recent posts have a word count at the top? Well, as much as I love WordPress (the people who run the… Read More ›

The good old days in England


I get some mighty strange emails sometimes, even including the odd spam in the Romanian language, but today I got an unusual missive. It was one of those “chain” emails, where someone forwards it to someone else and then they forward it to someone else and then they forward it to you. I certainly get… Read More ›