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The bilingual postman only rings twice


November 9, 2015

Well this is obviously spam but I had to laugh when Google let this one through.  Guess all my Russian queries screwed up their filter? Dunno. Enjoy! Hello Im Olga. How your day? I look for a human of your country. I lovely you profile very much. Iam from Russland. If you like my photo,… Read More ›

The bilingual postman only rings twice

Stern Looks

Hey folks, much apologies for my extended absence. I promise I’m still alive ;) Everyone’s been asking me about my “honeymoon”, but in reality it’s been one long hard slog. Don’t get me wrong, married life is great, it’s just there’s a lot of work to be done so this past month has been a… Read More ›

yah, my reaction exactly

Him se yldesta andswarode, “Werodes Wisa, Wordhord Onleac”

WORD COUNT: 5405 Ah yes, my deepest apologies, folks, as I know I have for true been gone a great many days and forsaken some of my deepest and most loyal readers and supporters. The short truth is that I’ve just now survived a year of real challenges since I got the old boot from… Read More ›