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Hey Sam, I want to write a book

September 30, 2013

Me: Hey, what’s up? Person: You have an awesome life. How can I write books like you? Me: I’d tell you the answer but people say I’m wordy so I made up some picture cards. Person: Hey Sam, how long does it take to write a book? Me: Funny you should ask! The girls like… Read More ›

The 3 M’s

There’s an old saying that people move to a new city (or country) for one of three reasons, Money, Marriage or Missionary work. Well, I haven’t gotten married just quite yet and I doubt I’ve made more than 100 euros here in all the years I’ve lived in Romania. But to my surprise, I find… Read More ›

Happy Easter!

Ah yes, Happy Easter! Paste Fericit to my Romanian readers and Kellemes Húsvéti Ünnepeket to my Hungarian friends. For the next week or so, the following is mandatory with literally everyone you know in Romania, even that sour-faced old man who lives in your bloc and always stares at you with his mouth hanging open:… Read More ›