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Regime change is hilarious

Loony Gas

January 16, 2015

Word Count: 1655 Lately, I’ve been up to my eyeballs dealing with personal problems, but even so I managed to note that Victoria Nuland, Romania’s frenemy, made a brief stop in Bucharest on Wednesday (Jan 14) for private meetings with PM Victor Ponta and newly-elected President Herr Klaus, as well as the usual coterie of… Read More ›

Piata Unirii, Bucuresti

Iuliu Maniu On Street View!

Well it doesn’t work everywhere yet, but the new Google “Street View” look at Romania is now working enough to play with it. So all of you who have ever wanted to “walk” around the crazy, wonderful, glorious mess that is Romania, now you can. Hey look! It’s Cluj!

My Mini Guide To Places I’ve Been To

I hereby offer my brief description of (almost) every town/city in Romania I’ve been to as well as a few landmarks/tourist places. In alphabetical order. Aiud – Pleasant tiny town where I once spent three hours on a hot summer’s day down at the railroad cargo dock. Don’t ask. Real sleepy place but has one… Read More ›