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Mushroom Salad

January 16, 2014

I’m a little busy here today so I’m going to imitate lazy, thieving Romanian journalists and just steal someone else’s hard work and benefit from it. Actually, of course, I’m a deeply ethical person so today’s video comes from Gateste Usor, a Romanian food blog with which I have absolutely zero connection. The blogger Camelia… Read More ›

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One interesting and true thing you’ll always hear foreigners say is how damned delicious tomatoes are in Romania. It’s true. And what’s even more delicious are the ones you grow in your own window :) Sweeter than sugar.


Puddle Chickens

The tourist season is heating up (as usual, things kick off with a bang starting on May 1) and you may soon find yourself in an upscale restaurant in this country, salivating as you pore over the choices on the menu. If you see an entry called pui de balta, don’t be alarmed if you… Read More ›