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Two sheeps is better than not any!

If I were the ambassador…

June 17, 2013

I have to admit that I was initially quite happily surprised to see the latest letter published in the Huffington Post (UK edition) from Doctor Ion “Two Sheeps” Jinga because I thought that perhaps the same ghost writer who recently wrote on behalf of Crin Antonescu had helped the good “doctor” sound somewhat intelligent and… Read More ›


More Gooder Relations with the English

Anyone living here for any amount of time knows that Romania is a comedy of errors, where even the most routine things get cocked up (as British people say). A case in point is a screencap I took of the welcome message of the official website of the Romanian embassy in Britain: Seriously, you’d think… Read More ›


Murder in Piata Unirii

On a bitterly cold and dark morning last week, long after the last club goers had staggered home and before the commuters began heading to work, I saw a murder right in the center of Piata Unirii, the main square in downtown Cluj-Napoca. It was a brazen thing, committed right in the center of the… Read More ›