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How a Minor Medieval Prince Became the Most Famous Killer in History

February 10, 2015

Word Count: 1689 In the ordinary course of things, one minor noble who struggled to hang onto his kingdom in the sparsely populated backwaters of an Eastern European principality in the Late Middle Ages would be familiar only to historians and antiquarians today. A prince who won and lost his throne three times and spent… Read More ›


Benefits Street

Right now the number one show in Britain is Channel 4’s “Benefits Street”, which allegedly focuses on people receiving “benefits” or government money. Episode 2 heavily featured immigrant Romanians (often pronounced Rumanians on the show), one a gypsy family from Romania and the second a group of 14 agricultural workers from Romania. Despite the fact… Read More ›


So Funny I Forgot To Laugh

The first drink is on the house. Just delightful.