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my cat Noodles and a bottle of Moldovan wine

Moldova Wine

Today I woke up to find that the Republic of Moldova has somehow joined the rest of Europe in being blanketed in snow. Some commenters have recently pointed out that, although I have lived in the Republic of Moldova for a long time now, I have yet to talk about RM’s most famous export. It… Read More ›

Luce the Cat

The Creanga Stealers

I got a very nice email the other day, inquiring after the health and happiness of the cats. Yes! The good news is that, after much negotiation and turns and twists of fortune, I am happy to announce that the cats and I have been rejoined and we all live here together in Chisinau. I… Read More ›

pauzele lungi şi dese, cheia marilor succese

Holiday Road

Hey, it’s my little fucking cat, Noodles :) In case you’re wondering when to visit Romania, this is the time. The spring is bursting out everywhere and it’s getting to be T-shirts in the daytime – a daytime that lasts for over 15 hours. That’s right. While Romanian winters love to pound the shit out… Read More ›