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Never mind the bollocks, here's the Dacians

Fais c’que tu veux, tant pis

The other day I got a remarkable letter, quite lengthy and extremely erudite, commending me on writing The Complete and True Story of Rosia Montana but at the end he chastised me (quite mildly) for the paragraph where I called Dan Sova “Ponta’s bitch”. I was quite taken aback by that letter, not by the… Read More ›

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A “Mini” Update

Hey folks, my apologies for being “out of action” pretty much for the past two weeks. Lots of stuff going on (and still is) but there’s definitely time for a mini-update. 1) Back in June I submitted a super cool version of The Complete Insider’s Guide to Romania to the iTunes bookstore. It has photos… Read More ›


Ad Hoc

Well the results are in from my little experiment with the ads. Quite clearly I can now cease all other activity and go on vacation to the South Pacific in a chartered Gulfstream and go ahead and finally place that order for a custom limousine entirely plated in gold and encrusted in diamonds because over… Read More ›