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Popularity Contest

Recently I’ve gotten a number of very kind, thoughtful messages, thanking me for various things that I’ve written. I’m always grateful when people find my work meaningful and so let this post serve as yet another collective thank you to everyone who visits this site. Nonetheless, while I’m satisfied with my talents as a writer,… Read More ›

I still love you!

The Worst Blogger in the World

In case you’re afraid I’m going to make you read 5,000 words before getting to the conclusion, I’ll save you the trouble. The worst blogger in the world is clearly me. Nearly four years ago (wow how time flies!) I wrote a fun little post called Flying Chocolately Goodness, all about how much I love… Read More ›

Is there a coded message hidden in this picture?

Nu-i pust

Over the years I’ve gone back and forth over the comment section on this website. Most of the time it drives me nuts, knowing as I do that the average statistic is that 1 reader in a thousand writes a comment, the vast majority of people just reading the stuff on here, which if comments… Read More ›