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Official Book Launch Poster

Wow! These posters are going up in downtown Cluj as I write these very words. Awesome! Can you believe there’s going to be singing there? Holy cow! If you’re in Cluj tomorrow and want to come get an autograph or just say hello (or try the delicious cabbage, yum!) then head on down to the… Read More ›

Balada Supravietuitorului

How Sweet It is!

Holy shit! I cannot believe it but we are all set to unveil my latest project. In case you can’t guess by the cover image above, FINALLY, i mean finally, my book Balada Supravietuitorului is going to be published in Romania. Yay! I don’t know how long you’ve been reading this website but me, the… Read More ›

The Hard Knock Life

Please don’t mistake anything I’m about to say here but quite frankly, I am exhausted. The filming went wonderfully but it took a lot out of me and then running around (off camera) being a minor celebrity and getting patted on the back about a million times (verbally and physically) wore me out. Luckily it’s… Read More ›