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She got soul, soul, soul, sweet soul

Adapted from a photo from this wonderful Tumblr blog that the Eye discovered this week.


Republican Fish

As I mentioned a few days ago, I upgraded the Unsleeping Eye and it continues to uncover strange treasures. Today it brought me the story of an American woman who loves to fish and hunt who was competing in the Gala Crapului (carp fishing contest) in Tancabesti, jud. Ilfov in Romania last week: After a… Read More ›

permis de sedere

Wandering Earl settles in Romania

Well this week I spent some serious money to upgrade The Eye and I came across this post about how a guy who has been traveling non-stop for 12 years obtained permission to live in Romania. And now I can stay in this beautiful country for as much as I want for one year. I’m… Read More ›