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The Curious Case of the Half Ambassador

January 29, 2015

Word count: 421 What happens when the United States appoints a new ambassador to a friendly, allied country? There’s a little ceremony and then a press release goes out. Right? Well that’s sort of what happened today. The United States now has a new ambassador to Moldova and here he is, saying hello to the… Read More ›

Proud to be from Bucovina!

The Jewel of Bucovina

Word count: 1301 Last July after I was forcibly ejected from the country, I began a frantic and unplanned odyssey through Europe. Nonetheless, there was definitely one place I knew that I wanted to go – Cernauti (chair-na-ootz), the lost jewel in the crown of Romania. A long, long time ago, when everything was going… Read More ›

Fara stapan

Те Хандвритинг он зи Валль

Word Count: 29 People sometimes ask me, “Hey Sam, is it really true that you live in Moldova?” Uh, yeah. AND NOW YOU KNOW!