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Ograda, Ogradi, Life Goes On

August 3, 2015

WORD COUNT: 1122 Well my good and gentle readers, as you know from my last giant info piece/exposition dump, things are starting to look up for me at last. My apartment is certainly modest by many standards, but it is a thousand times better than the squalid hole I had to live in for months…. Read More ›

yah, my reaction exactly

Him se yldesta andswarode, “Werodes Wisa, Wordhord Onleac”

WORD COUNT: 5405 Ah yes, my deepest apologies, folks, as I know I have for true been gone a great many days and forsaken some of my deepest and most loyal readers and supporters. The short truth is that I’ve just now survived a year of real challenges since I got the old boot from… Read More ›


Double Tongued

WORD COUNT: 1207 I know it’s rather egotistical but I like to think of myself as rather well-traveled. I’ve certainly visited a few countries, and lived in a few as well, and I am at least minimally aware that different people around the world live in different ways. It’s what makes this world so fascinating…. Read More ›