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asshole in the sky

Shit or be Shat Upon

Due to an openly admitted work by another person hereby linked officially on this blog article that I found this morning, I also was informed that the selfsame article had been concisely rendered into Romanian by Adevarul newspaper. Quite frankly, I’ll say on the outset I am a little jealous. The one truly Romanian experience… Read More ›

copa copacabana

Trouble at the Tropeycabana

With all due apologies to Longfellow, hardly a person is now alive who remembers that day in 1977 before the movie “Star Wars” was first shown in theaters. Quite simply put, the studio bosses and everyone else expected it to be a moderately successful picture for children, at least enough to recoup the cost overruns… Read More ›


Degeaba eu am aici de toate

If you ever decide that writing is for you, one of your passions, and you want to do it on a website and turn it into a job and make lots of money doing it, do not follow my example! But if you write because you have to, because it is in your heart, then… Read More ›