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Always obey the law, kids!

Eugenics, Apartheid, and Immigration Laws

September 21, 2015

WORD COUNT: 1567 I understand there’s a really deep sense of personal satisfaction that comes with being in compliance with the law, no matter how stupid, racist, and evil that law is. Right? As long as you personally benefit, and have no trouble, then it’s really, really easy to turn a blind eye to other… Read More ›

So, who wants to immigrate to Romania/RM?

An Exhaustive Guide to Immigration in Romania and the Republic of Moldova

Word Count: 3487 Note: What follows is an extremely detailed analysis of immigration laws and practices in Romania and RM. If you’re just a simple tourist from a rich country, you can skip this entire article. All you need to know is you can enter Romania/RM without a visa, stay up to 90 days, leave… Read More ›



WORD COUNT: 2008 You know, folks, the more I think about my last post, the more I realize just how much it connects to my article from last year entitled Pana la ultimii 100 de metri, and how all of this is being connected together for me in a new way that has truly opened… Read More ›