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Widespread Apathy

Today the Eye brought me this report from the “Economist Intelligence Unit” (that’s really the name), a lot of jibber jabber about the economies of the “Balkans”, of which Romania is supposedly one (Hungary isn’t though). Click on the link to read the entire thing but you’ll be glad to know that the only reason… Read More ›


Loony Gas

I love my life here in Romania and I love living in the centru of Cluj, with easy access to the park, the spacious plazas, the shops, the cafes, the heat, the light and the life of this vibrant city. But even though I don’t own a car, I am constantly plagued by them, probably… Read More ›



You know, I’ve been writing about tropes in Romania for a while in an effort to understand the mentality of the people in this country. Yesterday, a few unrelated events suddenly “clicked” something in my head and I had a blinding flash of insight. The first thing that happened was that I was watching the… Read More ›