You Know You’re Romanian When…

hollywood…you are personally convinced that you are an expert on the United States solely because of all of the American TV shows and films you’ve seen over your lifetime.

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  1. You mean that movies are lying? Naoo!


  2. c’mon, that’s what everyone in Europe does, not only Romanians :))


  3. i like to see positive things in the movies, i try to learn english language,and american movies spread this language over the entire world, but surely i’m not an expert of american style of life,if i’m going there to live,probably in just some weeks i will die,there everybody working hard,not like here,we,romanians,chilling out,most of the time… ;D


  4. Well, I don’t know about how much (if any) you can learn about the American culture and civilization by just watching some movies and TV shows but I do know that attempting to learn Greek mythology or any kind of history by the same means is highly unrecommended. Emphasis on highly.


  5. Hey, how do you think we learn about our own culture? That’s right, movies…. :-)


  6. Neah, I’m afraid this is not quite true; I don’t recognize myself in what you say.


  7. you know you’re sam thekingofromania when…….you think you know it all and you don’t


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