Month: December 2012


3 Little Birds

Still busy as a beaver these days but here’s three little stories all in one post for your enjoyment! The guy who absolutely insisted on a full Securitate dossier on me but never got one managed to make his money just fine, this time by selling a photograph of me to CanCan, Romania’s #2 gossip… Read More ›


Food Not Bombs

As Project Iceberg continues to unfurl at a steady clip, I am continually finding myself in new and interesting places, meeting people that cheer my soul as I see them stand up and exercise their full rights as citizens in a democratic country instead of waiting around for politicians or the European Union to hand… Read More ›

Jackson batting a thousand

Batting a Thousand

Well folks, as I trudged home through the icy darkness last night, I had a revelation about my future and the future of this very website that you are reading. Two things are happening right now, the first is that we are getting very close to one thousand posts, that is to say 1,000 actual… Read More ›