First snow of the year!

Wow, awesome I just saw the first genuine snowflakes falling here in beautiful Unicorn City.

The above video isn’t from today but from something I shot back on February 13 when everyone was talking about the “White Apocalypse” and freaking out about the snow. I know a lot of people don’t like snow or complain about it but for me it’s the best part of winter – that plus a hot drink.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned, lots of amazing stuff coming your way soon!

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  1. I married into winter. Being of a warmer clime, my wife if from New England so we settled here. Last winter, if we can call it that, we had a Romanian intern working in our office. My wife and I equipped the poor thing for a proper New England winter. That winter never arrived. In fast last year Bucharest got our winter. I think. Well this year that intern is back in Bucharest. It looks like another mild winter here as it’s been in the 50s all week here in NH. I wonder if that means Bucharest will get our winter again this year. Once thing is for sure, that intern will be ready for the cold.

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