Month: December 2012

bambino party

The Ballad of Bambino Party

I got a request to write something light and funny for the end of the year but that isn’t how it works. As Bill Hicks once said, the audience never respects the artist – they always treat you like a jukebox, where you put in a coin and order up what you want. That’s why… Read More ›


Sidewalk Socialism

A close examination of my life reveals that is fractally weird, meaning that it’s strange and inexplicable on every scale of resolution. I get asked quite often why I choose to live in Romania and the real secret is that this country is just as fractally weird as I am. Case in point is the… Read More ›


A Year of Days

As I write this, my heating system is chugging along, dispelling the cold and dark outside and I see that snow is once again falling on the streets of this little town I have come to call home. And so I am taking a little break from my normal activities to pause and reflect on… Read More ›