Month: October 2012


Happy Halloween!

Not a holiday in any sense of the word here in Romania but here’s a little pumpkin we carved. Cute eh? Here he is, scaring the neighbors bwahahah! HAPPY HALLOWE’EN EVERYBODY :)

copa copacabana

Trouble at the Tropeycabana

With all due apologies to Longfellow, hardly a person is now alive who remembers that day in 1977 before the movie “Star Wars” was first shown in theaters. Quite simply put, the studio bosses and everyone else expected it to be a moderately successful picture for children, at least enough to recoup the cost overruns… Read More ›


A Land Where Unicycles Bloom

It’s very rare that people pay me for my predictions (even today few people are willing to have their ears licked by snakes) but if someone were to ask me how to find a peaceful place on earth amongst the teeming masses of humanity, I’d give them a simple metric. Find a place where people… Read More ›