Month: August 2012



Hey sorry for the disappearance here of late. I have been wrapping up what can only be described as a staggering number of (paid) projects here which were all due by the end of the month (i.e. today). On top of that I essentially blew out my right forearm, which now my grip is as… Read More ›


Every king and every peasant

It’s been an interesting week here in Unicorn City. A few days ago I was in the main square, watching as about 10 angry men shouted their displeasure with Basescu to anyone who would listen. I didn’t speak to them but I listened as they argued and even screamed at any passers by who dared… Read More ›

alanis eye

What I resist, persists, and speaks louder than I know

I used to have a friend who was an incredibly attractive young woman. She still is beautiful but in her early 20’s she was ethereally attractive. She was the kind of woman who needed no makeup, who looked beautiful both with messy hair in the morning and when she was dressed up for a formal… Read More ›