Month: March 2012

Episode 7 – The Sibiu Medieval Festival

Holy mackerel, how long has it been since I posted a new episode? It’s been forever! Well as I mentioned earlier this week, the new computer is humming along beautifully and so now I can finally do what I want with all the footage I shot. Sad to say it but I filmed this festival… Read More ›

Are you getting hungry?  I know I am!

The Mysterious and Terrifying Case of the Chinese Foot Leg

Hey, it’s Friday so time to have some fun and no more boring stuff about the IMF or going into detail about how one of Daddy Isarescu’s best pals just got installed as a VP of the EIB because it’s time to have some fun. What do you say? Yay for fun and boo for… Read More ›

Did We Mention How Awesome We Are?

Well the unsleeping eye picked up a new report (PDF) about just how Romania is doing in terms of making the IMF happy. You can certainly click on the link and read the entire thing, acronym and jargon-filled as it is, but if you want to save yourself some time I’ll sum it up for… Read More ›