Month: January 2012

While Romanians Talk, Greenpeace Actually Does Something

As usual, during the day I had the sound off but was keeping my ever vigilant eye attuned to the the various TV news channels when I espied this: Greenpeace activists stormed Romania’s environment ministry on Tuesday, chaining themselves to radiators in the minister’s office in an attempt to stop approval for Europe’s biggest open-cast… Read More ›

Raise High the Roofbeam

Yesterday I nearly fell out of my chair as I saw this evil man speaking with great pomp and dignity from the floor of the Romanian parliament. This obese piece of shit, who can’t even control his own personal gluttony, had come to praise Romania for raising taxes and lowering salaries and warn against anyone… Read More ›

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Fiddling While Romania Burns

I’m incredibly pressed for time so I can’t get into much detail here but check out this snapshot I took from the front page of In the upper left-hand corner you’ve got a story about a grand total of 40 people who protested in the capital. In the bottom right corner you’ve got a… Read More ›