Month: November 2011

ProTV Promo

Below is the promo they’re now running on TV. I just got the call – the episode featuring me will be broadcast tomorrow (Dec 1) at 7:00 am. Enjoy! PS – Isn’t the shepherd awesome? I told you!! :)

Episode 6 – The House of Children

Yes! Finally episode 6 is now online for your viewing pleasure. If you’ve read my book (Complete Insider’s Guide to Romania) you know what it says on the back cover. It mentions orphans specifically because it’s often the only thing many people in other countries know about Romania. If you do a search for “orphans… Read More ›

Happy Boy

Happy Birthday, Mr. Zig!

Yay! After such long-winded nonsense as the other day, time for a cat picture :) Although nobody knows the exact day, approximately three years ago Mr. Zig was born in Timisoara. He had a troubled youth but has since grown into a peaceful, incredibly sweet cat with a very gentle disposition. Sadly, he’s not the… Read More ›