Month: October 2011

Paparazzi On You!

Well I really had to laugh as the other night someone slapped a sticker on me with Paparazzi on you! handwritten on it. I had to laugh because, of course, lately it’s been kind of true. As the episodes continue to pile up, there’s still a lot more footage on my portable drives to share… Read More ›

Every Places She Have Something Good For You

Well for those of you who like everything in its place, we are now back in cardinal order :) Again, I just had a ton of subtitling to do on this one so I put out Episode 5 before this one just for the sake of timeliness. Below you can find Episode 4, all about… Read More ›

20 Million Snowdrops

I can’t say that I’m much of a botanist or all that familiar with plants, but there is one that I know quite well in Romanian – ghiocel (ghee-oh-chell). Its Latin name is Galanthus but it is more commonly known in English as a “snowdrop”. If you ever see a picture of this flower you’ll… Read More ›