Day: February 14, 2011

Stupid T-Shirts for Poor Widdle Romania

Oh goodness, sometimes I really hate the never sleeping internet eye. This time it picked up a gloating article from the Christian mega-charity World Vision: And while the Super Bowl is the Holy Grail of American sporting events, it’s also a source of hope and help to thousands of people around the world — which… Read More ›

Word of the Day: Zât

Only in Romania I think is there a specific word – zât – used to yell at animals to get them to go away. It’s pronounced something like zut! I had to laugh because Jeff Foxworthy used to do a stand-up routine about his father using a phrase in Redneck English meaning the exact same… Read More ›

Happy Saint Valentine, Baba Dochia and Iulius Mall Day!

Well folks, I’d be sorely remiss if I didn’t wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! Once again this year I’ve noticed the strange schizophrenia around this holiday. On one hand the mall is emblazoned with pink and red signs about the holiday with a ton of special products for sale, including giant overstuffed heart-shaped pillows…. Read More ›