Day: October 28, 2010

Word of the Day: Vagány

Do you remember those three words which meant “cool” in Romanian, especially the word tare? If you do, you remember that the root meaning of the original word is “strong” or “heavy” or “tough” and the like. Today’s word is: vagány. Hopa! This is an entirely Hungarian word and never used in Romanian. I went… Read More ›

Yep… even more visitors

I keep posting these because I know, deep down in my heart of hearts, that this is shocking reading material for most Romanians – the fact that people come here, visit here, live here and yes like it here. So without further adieu, this woman just arrived in Bucharest, apparently for a “cross-cultural book exchange”:… Read More ›

Tongue Twister Thursday

For Engrish Speakers: Frantuzoaicele a baut vodka cu fetele chinezoaice. Am ramas in Roma cu trei romani. Cine a pus carciuma-n drum? Pentru Vorbitori: I thrice thrust the gristly grubs into my yearning, yawning maw, Mother. The fin fan Fundango had me all a tango. Seful si soferul lui a slefuit suprafetele slapilor.